The team at Westward Films brings together an essential mix of skills and expertise to ensure the delivery of exceptional Aerial Videography and surveying projects.

  • Over 10 years of Private Pilot's Licence (PPL-A) for carrying passengers

  • Remote Pilot's Licence (RePL)

  • Over 20 years of combined experience in video production; both corporate and wedding industries

  • An established career in scientific research with a speciality in image processing and analysis

This means we work with exceptional attention to detail and know how to obtain and process valuable aerial footage; whether it is for promotional purposes or for mapping/surveying purposes. Our project workflow, from planning to delivery, is performed in-house which assures a quick and efficient delivery of your project while not compromising on quality.

We are fully insured and fly exclusively under CASA approved safe flying conditions.

Our aerial videography services include:

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  • 4D Aerial timelapse videos of construction projects

  • 4K Promotional fly over videos (Ultra HD resolution)

  • Aerial Mapping/surveying services with data export (point cloud, GeoTIFF, elevation and crop health)

  • 3D reconstruction of your site; suitable for online site exploration in 3D and Virtual Reality

  • Safety inspection footage in construction and real estate

We service a wide range of industries:

  • Construction industry

  • Real estate

  • Golf courses

  • Vineyards

  • Wedding venues

4-Dimensional Aerial Timelapse

Example of 4D Aerial Timelapse by Westward Films Aerial.

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Aerial Surveying

Benefits of UAV aerial surveying

Fast turnover from call out to delivery

  • (1-2 days; weather permitting)

More Information

  • Unlike a ground-based GPS survey, an aerial survey captures visual information that can be a helpful management tool.

  • Point clouds overlay with the 3D site plan models

  • Initial site survey and design

  • Quality assurance- comparing actual construction against plans

  • Volume and elevation measurements

  • Measuring and comparing changes over time


  • More cost effective than conventional GPS survey

  • Only 1 or 2 flight operators, depending on the size of mapping area

  • 2 day turnaround for data delivery, saving time and funds


Westward Films has the capacity and the technical knowledge to see aerial surveying projects to successful completion.

Westward Films Aerial is built on a foundation with 3 key pillars:

1. Advanced image analysis expertise
Director Erik Westein has an established career in medical research (B.As, PhD) with specialties in image analysis, data processing and effective results communication. This expertise is driving the innovation within Westward Films and allows us to accommodate specific client’s requests.

2. 20+ years experience in video and image acquisition
The team at Westward Films has a combined experience of 20+ years in the video production industry and has been employing UAVs for the last 3 years.

3. Aviation knowledge and experience
Director Erik Westein holds a private pilot’s licence and has been flying general aviation aircrafts since 2007. Westward Films houses a thorough understanding of aviation safety regulations which are critical to UAV surveying operations.


UAV Aerial Surveying – Project work flow

Westward Films Aerial - Data work flow

Westward Films Aerial - Data work flow

1.  Project and flight safety assessment

  • Weather conditions

  • Local area considerations (public areas, aerodromes)

  • Construction site assessment (elevation differences, trees, crane operations)

2.  Data acquisition

  • UAV flyover and image acquisition (1 day)

  • Employ ground control points (GCPs) when 2-5 cm geospatial accuracy is required

3.  Data processing

  • Acquired imagery is processed cloud-based by DroneDeploy using established and proven algorithms.

  • Custom In-house post processing by Westward Films is also available using Pix4D or 3Dsurvey software

4.    Data analysis
We can perform custom geometric analysis on acquired data sets:

  • Stockpile volume measurements

  • Distance measurements

  • Area measurements

  • Site elevation of points of interest.

  • Generate elevation contour maps (resolution: native, 5, 10, 20, or 50 cm/pixel)

IMPORTANT: Our image analysis expertise uniquely equips us to explore and develop additional types of data analysis which may be of relevance to the client. 
5.    Data pre-processing, delivery and integration into client's software
Available data for each mission:

  • High resolution air photos (20 megapixel photos)

  • Orthomosaic (stitched) maps

- Resolution: 1 cm/pixel
- Geospatial accuracy: 2-5 cm accuracy with GCPs / 30-100 cm without GCPs

  • 3-dimensional point cloud models (high density ~ 400 points/m2)

- LAS format for GIS software
- XYZ format for CAD software
- OBJ format for 3D modelling software

Data integration into GIS, AutoCAD etc will be performed in close collaboration with the client’s in-house Survey Coordinator.

Data pre-processing by Westward Films, such as identification of features of interest etc, is available depending on the client’s exact requirements.